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Sushi Roll 3D - Cooking ASMR

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Sushi Roll 3D - Cooking ASMR


Roll, roll, roll a boat… wait that’s not how the song goes! Get to rolling sushi in this great cooking game and watch your restaurant profits soar. It’s not just sushi though, you’ll get to try making all sorts of other Japanese dishes and food for your customers. Along the way, there are tons of fun mini-games to play to keep the good times rolling.


🍜 If you’re ready to become a sushi chef, just open the game in your browser and get rolling! Timing is everything when you’re making sushi, you want to make your customers happy with a quick meal, but you also want to use the correct techniques and ingredients. Nobody wants 3 layers of seaweed and a dinky piece of fish! That is, unless they asked for it – you know the saying, the customer is always right. Still, it’s not all hard work and no play in this delightful web game. Slash and chop your way through the levels to reach a Zen-like state thanks to the ASMR vibes, cute graphics, and more.


🍙 Maximum fun: there’s never a dull moment in this cooking game, guaranteed! Not only will you be busy chopping, slicing, rolling, and more, we’ve also included tons of other great features that allow you to scale fish, weigh noodles, and even make rice to really up the ante and make you feel like you’re in a Japanese restaurant’s kitchen. 🍢 Spice up your restaurant: Not only will you be awed by all the mini-games and features, you’ll also be wowed by the huge number of upgrades that you can make. As you progress through the levels more and more options will become available for customization – try out different furniture, dishes, and decorations to see what really hits the spot. Plus we’ve included some cheeky upgrades too, like being able to use an ax to chop your sushi! 🍱 Catch of the day: A lot of the cooking games out there have limited menus and ingredients, which is what makes them so boring. Not here though! Your restaurant will have a variety of fish and special toppings, such as chilis, durian, and even caviar, that you can combine into tons of great dishes. From maki to nigiri, sashimi to noodles, you’ll have a great chance to learn about Japanese cuisine all while having a bit of fun. 🍡 ASMR time: Cooking in a restaurant’s kitchen is hard and stressful work, unless it’s Sushi Roll’s kitchen. Here it’s all good vibes and fun with anti-stress sounds and visuals. Sushi can be both tasty AND soothing!


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