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Turbo Stars - Rival Racing

Race on a wide variety of exhilarating tracks and defeat your opponents

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Turbo Stars - Rival Racing


Zoom across a variety of thrilling tracks as you try and outmaneuver your rivals in this competitive skateboard game that reinvents the karting genre. With short tracks and a fast pace, your every move is crucial - will you be the first to cross the finish line or will you crash into an obstacle, giving your competitors the upper hand? Stay sharp and make every second count as you enjoy this delightful web game that can easily be played from your browser.


Success requires more than just speed in this online skateboarding game. As you race, quickly grab up items that can boost your performance or hinder your opponents. You can even throw rivals off course if they get too close! Be agile and dodge obstacles to maintain your lead, all while collecting coins and keys that can unlock power-ups, new rideable objects, and gear for your character. Perform sick tricks during jumps for extra coins, and take the game and your performance to the next level by defying gravity and doing loop-the-loops in tunnels!


🛹One-of-a-kind gameplay: We all know about car races, but what about skateboarding racing? Totally rad! Compete with up to 11 rivals in one go, and make sure you come in first place to unlock the next available track. There are all sorts of fun skateboarding and karting mashups, from great roller tricks to more traditional items that can be grabbed along the track to give you a boost. 🆙Sick level up, bro: From launching yourself into the air to performing wild tricks, you can earn both coins and speed. Not only that, but as you move through the levels, your overall speed and coin bonuses will increase, as will your starting boost. Playing the mini-games will also give you great ways to best your rivals. 🪩Customize your eyes: And so much more! New skateboards and other funky rideable objects like hoverboards, unicycles, beach balls are all yours for the taking. There are also more traditional customization opportunities such as adding cool skins and emotes to your character, not to mention allowing them to access sweet tricks. 🤪Wacky graphics: With all this great fun, we knew we had to make graphics that matched the vibes! Come check out the great sound effects and wild graphics, as well as the delightfully colorful race tracks. Let’s not forget about the beautiful backgrounds either!


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