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Desert Riders: Car Battle Game

Exhilarating car shooter! Fight raiders in a post-apocalyptic wasteland world!

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Desert Riders: Car Battle Game


🏁Drivers, start your engines, and may the best racer win in this adrenaline filled race! There are fast cars, super powerful guns, and even enough road rage to shock someone from NYC right out of their shoes. Come live your life in the fast lane in this exhilarating car fighting game, as you take car racing to the extreme. Eliminate enemies and blow up their vehicles to cause their cars to crash and take them out, but keep a close eye out for enemy fire in return – if you take too much damage, it will be your car that explodes!


To get started in this exciting web game, simply open it in your browser and get to racing! There’s more to it than that of course, you’ll also be able to customize your vehicle and weapons to make them the meanest and leanest on the block. This car builder game really ups the ante by adding in the fighting aspect, so get in gear and keep your wits about you.


🥇Challenge accepted: Engage in action-packed car races and shooting, all with easy to learn controls and challenging goals. You’ll be able to take down enemies in their various vehicles, earn in-game cash for slow-mo kills, and earn extra points when your aim is on point. Plus, as you level up, you’ll get to progress through different apocalyptic worlds and car battles, including some that have super tough bosses. 🚗Pimp your ride: No boring cars allowed! Choose from boosters such as laser guns, lightning, or even extra health to up the gaming experience as you craft the absolute best car. Completing levels allows you to unlock more rewards, and you’ll be able to choose from dozens of car models, and from there, customize them with over 70 options for wheels, exhaust pipes, and engines. You can also paint your car any shade you want! 🎶Crank the jams: We’ve written an awesome soundtrack just for this game to really get you in the mood – plus there are also lots of fun sound effects and of course, cool graphics. And, if you’re playing on your phone, you can even turn on the optional vibration setting to increase the fun factor. 🔥Jump-start the fun: thrilling gameplay, dynamic environments, intense action… this game really does have it all! You’ll be on the edge of your seat as you scream around corners and take out enemies, and the thrill and excitement of driving will have you coming back for more."


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