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Fork N Sausage

The crazy puzzle game that’s stuffed with action, humor, and grin-inducing fun!

About the game

Fork N Sausage


🌭When you’re feeling peckish, nothing quite hits the spot like a good old-fashioned sausage. But fate is not on your side in this game, as you’ll really work up a sweat as your swipe and dodge your way through a variety of obstacles that are suddenly between your fork and that delicious sausage. Flip, bounce, twist and even slide the sausage along through wildly inventive and downright crazy puzzle madness to prove who the top dog is.


😋To play Fork N Sausage, simply open this web game on your browser – you can also download it for your phone if you want to be able to play on the go. Then, it’s pedal to the metal as you puzzle your way through all manner of obstacles and items to unite the sausage and the fork. Logic and physics have their place here, that’s for sure, but don’t forget to let loose and try something daring now and then, since you never know when that jelly and treadmill might actually be the key to success.


🍽️Variety for days: There are hundreds of levels in the game, each carefully designed to offer you both joy and a mental workout. Pots, pans, fans, treadmills, jelly, rubber ducks, and more are all items that you may stumble across – plus there are fun new locations to unlock, cool accessories, and even extra tricky boss levels to keep the good times rolling! 🤪Unique madness: This isn’t your mama’s mobile game. We’ve cranked the craziness up to 11 with delightful sausage outfits (of course it needs sunglasses and a top hat!) and mystery prizes. 🧠A real brain teaser: While the premise of the game may seem childish and quirky, we promise that you’ll soon find your brain having to really work to come up with new and inventive ways to move the sausage towards the fork. Each level you’ll get a package that has either a piece of kitchenware or some wacky decoration – these can be used ingeniously to maneuver the sausage. 🏖️Delightful fun: The whole point of the game though is to have fun, and boy have we worked to make sure you do. Perfect for children and adults alike, you’ll love the funny characters and creative sound effects and music, as well as the hilarious premise of the whole game."


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