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DOP 2: Delete One Part

Erase part and solve the puzzle!

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DOP 2: Delete One Part


That sure is a pretty picture, but there’s just something missing… What could it be? Put your brain, imagination, and artistic skills to the ultimate test as you not only try and figure out what element has been deleted, but also add it back into the image! This delightfully tricky puzzle game will really get those gears turning and a smile on your face as you puzzle through the conundrum, because who said giving your brain a workout had to be boring?


If you’re ready to sniff out and track down the missing piece, just open up this delightfully charming web game in your browser and get ready to have a blast solving terrific brain teasers. You’ll also get to let your creativity run free as you then try and draw in the missing part of the picture but don’t worry, you don’t need the artistic skills of Michelangelo to enjoy this puzzle!


🤔Engaging puzzles: These draw one part puzzles require you to use logic and creative thinking skills in order to solve them. You’ll have to engage your whole brain to figure out what might be missing from the picture, and then test out your artistic skills as you draw the missing part in to solve the riddle. 😌Tranquil gameplay: We all work best in a calm environment, so we made sure that Draw One Part has clear but colorful graphics, and happy, zen music so that you’re in the best headspace to win. Thanks to the soothing environment, you’ll quickly find that puzzle solving can be as relaxing as it is fun. There’s also a hint system for when you’re feeling really stuck, so no need to sweat it when things don’t seem to be going your way. ⭐Satisfying experience: While the goal was, of course, to create a tricky puzzle that is part drawing, part brain lifting, we didn’t want to go overboard on the tricky part. The game mechanics and carefully conceived puzzles both work to make this a satisfying gaming experience, and the game works to recognize your intentions when drawing puzzle pieces – no one likes the shame of having to draw a chair three times because the system didn’t recognize your efforts! 🧩Endless variations: There are dozens of different images and over 200 missing parts in the game, providing almost endless variety. This keeps the fun flowing and ensures that the solutions you have to unravel are both satisfying and fun, both of which can give you a boost of confidence. There are no timers or other ways to lose a level in the game, so just keep trying and experimenting with no restraints until you find the answer.


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