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DOP 3: Displace One Part

Engage your brain to solve an endless series of crazy puzzles!

About the game

DOP 3: Displace One Part


Let’s get displacing! If you’ve played any of the other games in our DOP series, you probably have an idea of the crazy but fun logic that is waiting for you here. We’ve Drawn, Deleted, and are now Displacing! You’ll need to fit the puzzle pieces into the right parts of the image, as well as make sure you do so in order. Both your brain and sense of humor will get a real kick out of these brain teasers – in addition to the satisfaction of solving the riddle, you’ll also get to enjoy the hilarious and innovative animations that happen after each puzzle is complete!


So if you’re ready to displace one part, open up this delightful web game in your browser and get things moving. You’ll need to place 3 items in the right spots, and you’ll need to do so in the correct order. Both incredibly simple and hard at the same time, we guarantee that you’ll soon be a pro!


🦎Variety is the spice of life: With dozens upon dozens of unique puzzles already in the game, each with its own funny situation and brand of silly logic, it’s hard to get bored! One minute you’re helping Newton to discover gravity, then the next you’re feeding a lizard. You might even help a woman sneak fruit out of a store during a sneaky shoplifting experience, because why not! 🤪Fun and entertaining: Look forward to endless hours of entertainment, even when you’re solving what looks like the most mundane of situations, such as helping a tired housewife make her coffee. The game keeps you engaged with humorous scenarios that also require a solid dose of lateral thinking powers to be able to solve. 🧠Train that brain: While your mouth is getting a workout from grinning, your brain is working up a real sweat! Pull out all the stops and make both hemispheres come together to solve the riddles – you’ll need to deploy your best rational thinking and problem-solving skills, with a hefty dose of creativity. Keep your mind active and sharp while also enjoying a little moment of fun, all for yourself. 🧑‍🧒All are welcome: We made sure to design this for players of all ages, from the young to the young at heart. Thanks to the simple mechanics and language, classic animations, and endless chances to succeed, it’s suitable for even the youngest players. But don’t worry, there’s enough wittiness to keep more seasoned puzzlers engaged, too.


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