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Pop Us!

Get a splash of colorful, enjoyable, fun anti-stress game at your fingertips!

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Pop Us!


The Pop Us party is already popping online! This bubbly puzzle game requires you to assemble puzzle pieces together to form delightful images – then, just tap or or click the screen and Pop! Pop! Pop! From there you can merge the pieces together to create your very own in-game fidget toy, which you can then use to dive into a relaxing world of ASMR fun. Pop every single bubble as it appears on the screen, giving yourself a great burst of colorful, calming fun, any time of day!


To pop your stress away, just open up the web game on your browser and hit play! Thanks to its vibrant and immersive colors, you’re guaranteed an immediate rush of calm and happiness, no matter what life has decided to throw your way today. And with the in-game fidget toy and the joy of popping the bubbles (accompanied by sound effects for maximum pleasure) you’ll find yourself feeling right as rain in no time. This online popping game is guaranteed to soothe nerves and boost moods!


🌈 A dizzying array of choices: There are literally hundreds of in-game fidget toys that you can piece together in this relaxing game. Coming in a variety of shapes, ranging from animals to fruit to toys and even snacks, you’ll never grow bored of creating and then playing with them. Plus, you can also collect gorgeous color schemes and nifty backgrounds to use while playing to really let you customize your experience. 🎶Pop it away: We wanted to create the most relaxing popping game of all time, so of course that meant making sure the sound effects were just right. We had our sound designers create loads of great sound effects such as bubbles popping, coins jingling, and more to make the experience feel realistic in the best possible way. If you’re a fan of ASMR, you’ll want to check this puzzle out ASAP! 🧑‍🧒For the entire POPulation: See what we did there? This game is appropriate for any and all, no matter their age or gender. If you’re in need of stress relief or just some good, clean fun, come play Pop Us and watch all your worries melt away. Thanks to the bright colors and simple mechanics, this game is accessible even for those who are still working on their fine motor skills."


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