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Twist Hit!

Fill the rings to plant trees!

About the game

Twist Hit!


Think you can plant the biggest and baddest forest? Now’s your chance! To plant trees, you’ll need to shoot at the ring and fill it, all while avoiding any obstacles that might suddenly appear. Once the ring is filled a tree is planted – your goal is to plant as many as possible before your lives run out. Puzzle your way through the different levels and obstacles to achieve the forest of your dreams.


When you’re ready to get your forest game on, just open this leafy web game in your browser and get to planting! Thanks to the simple mechanics of the game you’ll be able to take a breather and feel calmer and happier when you’re done. And while these may not be real trees, who could feel mad after seeing a whole beautiful forest in front of them that they planted? Play around and try out different techniques for avoiding obstacles and enjoy traveling to all the different in-game locations as you expand your forests across the world.


🥧Easy as pie: This simple and satisfying game has intuitive controls and straightforward mechanics, making it easy to learn and satisfying to play. Just tap, fill, and watch your forest flourish, and challenge yourself to plant the maximum number of trees possible. 🏖️Max relaxing: Come immerse yourself in this great, calming experience that has been designed to help you unwind. The pace and soothing feeling will create a serene atmosphere that is ideal for chilling out. Enjoy a stress-free way to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life all while you nurture your virtual forest and challenge yourself to plant as many trees as possible. 🕹️Intense arcade gameplay: As you play you’ll unlock a variety of unique devices that will enhance your tree-planting abilities, and keep the game fun and exciting. Powerups and more await, and as you progress you’ll get to discover all sorts of different locations to grow forests in. Growing trees has never been more satisfying! 🌈Bright, bold, and beautiful: Feast your eyes on the vibrant colors and charming graphics our designers have included to bring your forest to life. Each tree and ring is beautifully designed to provide you with a visually pleasing experience, and the playful art style will keep the mood light.


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