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DOP: Draw One Part

Test your brain! Just draw the missing part to solve this awesome puzzle!

About the game

DOP: Draw One Part


Unleash your creative thinking! Use your sleuthing and puzzle solving skills to answer important questions like, will the daring criminal manage to rob the bank, or will the police arrive in time to catch him? Was it the guilty looking child who broke the vase, or the one sitting so innocently? And it doesn't stop there! Just in the first 30 levels, you’ll be able to free a genie from a lost lamp, sculpt some pottery, and aid in capturing a murderer. Instead of doom scrolling and wasting your time on social media, try playing an engaging brain game that sharpens your wit - whether you spend 5 or 25 minutes in the game, you’ll come away both smarter and calmer! There's no way to lose in this puzzle game; if you erase something incorrectly, the image will simply reset, allowing you to try again. The aim is to stimulate your mind, not get under your collar. 😎👌


To enjoy this entertaining and captivating web game, open the game in your browser and simply tap or click the screen and drag your finger or mouse to erase portions of the picture, revealing what lies beneath and answering the riddle. Sure, the game and stories may appear straightforward at first, but appearances can be misleading... while you might be so inclined to erase the curtains to reveal who the thief is, don't be afraid to give it a bit more thought and check under that couch to see who might be hiding there. You'll need to become a keen investigator and scrutinize the images closely to pick out important clues. 🤓


🔍 No fussing about: The mechanics of this drawing puzzle are easy, peasey, lemon squeezy. Simply swipe your finger, or drag your mouse if you’re playing on your computer, to remove sections of the drawing and unveil what they were hiding. That’s where the simple part ends, and the hard part begins: we guarantee that your brain will soon be oh so busy picking apart every little detail to try and find the answer! 🎮 Total control over your gaming experience: the music and sound effects are all totally optional, meaning you have ultimate control of your gaming experience whether you’re on a computer, tablet, or phone. ♾️ Brain teasers galore: Hundreds of interesting and fun levels packed with intricate brain teasers await you here, just begging to be solved. And best of all, each puzzle is unique – no repeats with slightly different characters! All of the levels will engage your brain as you try and figure out what might be the missing piece to the puzzle, and uncover whodunnit. 🤪 Fun fun fun: Our developers went with charming and cartoony graphics and adorable animations to help boost your mood and up your fun. You can’t help but smile even when there’s something afoot! 👶 👵 Approved for any and all ages: really the only requirement is that you want to have some fun and give your brain a little workout sesh with some puzzle mind games. Part drawing, part mystery, all good fun.


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