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Vehicle Masters

Dig deep into a huge collection of vehicles and driving situations

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Vehicle Masters
🛞 SLOWLY BUT SURELY Looking for a game with gallons of nitro and adrenaline, tricked out sports cars, crazy crashes, and foot-to-the-floor action? Well, you’d better keep looking, because Vehicle Masters is something a little different – a more relaxing simulator game that offers careful drivers the refined pleasures and simple satisfaction of accurately moving heavy vehicles through tight spaces while avoiding scrapes and collisions. Test your advanced driving skills in an enormous range of different trucks, buses and even excavators in this soothing, enjoyable and surprisingly realistic truck simulator. ⚠️ REAL DRIVING • Realistic steering, acceleration and braking carefully calibrated for all vehicle types. • Adapt your driving technique to different road conditions and situations. 🅿️ YOU CAN’T PARK THERE! • Gently does it! Follow the steering pointers to guide your vehicle into the green space. • Missed the mark? Don’t panic, you can always reverse out slowly and try again. • Feel the satisfaction as you finally get your unwieldy vehicle perfectly parked. 🚚 🚒 🚓 VEHICLE VARIATION • Over 20 different cars, trucks and other vehicles to drive in the game. • Get behind the wheel in pickups, articulated trucks, fire trucks, police cars and even excavators. • More than 80 items to decorate and customize the interior of your vehicle. 🌎 TRUCKING ALL OVER THE WORLD • 7 regions in the game with different climate and road conditions. • 20 unique areas to navigate, from crowded parking lots to twisting mountains roads. • Keep on trucking and enjoy the gorgeous views as you drive. 🔧 MORE THAN JUST A DRIVER • Get out from behind the wheel and perform a variety of other simulator tasks in over 35 different missions. • Jump in the fire truck, rush to the scene of the conflagration, and douse the flames. • Operate all kinds of heavy machinery including diggers and excavators. 🛣 THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD If you’re looking for a new driving game with a difference, a game that brings the world of hyper-realistic vehicle simulators to your mobile device, and a game that’s challenging, fun and surprisingly relaxing to play, then Vehicle Masters could be just what you’ve been searching for. Hone your skills behind the wheel and live out your trucking dreams in a huge array of different vehicles and driving situations. Download the game now, climb up into the cab and get ready for the long-haul in this entertaining and original driving simulator. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:


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