SayGames announces 2 billion game downloads, launches a $10 million developer growth program for 2021

SayGames, which ranked among the top 5 companies by mobile downloads for the second year in a row, generated 2 billion downloads.

During 2020 alone, SayGames’ had over 1 billion downloads. This was primarily attributed to by games such as Draw One Part and Blend It 3D.

The company has launched a $10 million developer growth program SayHero. The program is designed to help indie developers ship a game.

February 9, 2021 — SayGames, a leading hyper‑casual mobile games publisher, announced that it had reached 2 billion downloads delivered from the games it had launched to date. The publisher is also launching SayHero, a $10 million developer growth program aimed at helping independent game development studios showcase their hit games to market with SayGames’ publishing expertise.

The 2 billion downloads milestone has been achieved by the end of 2020, driven by a number of smash hits such as Johnny Trigger, Sand Balls, and others. SayGames launched 20 titles in 2020. Fifteen of them rank in the Top 10 downloaded games on Google Play and App Store in the US, with 1 billion downloads generated last year alone.

To continue its steady growth, SayGames is expanding its publishing activities by launching SayHero, a new program created to help up‑and‑coming hyper‑casual game developers deliver their games to top charts. The program includes various initiatives such as SayHero Portal, a new self‑service dashboard designed to streamline the go‑to‑market process, as well as to provide developers with in‑depth product knowledge and data.

The first batch of developers, which will be submitting their applications before March 31, 2021, will get access to the SayHero Portal for their games' initial market tests. SayGames will then choose up to 10 developers to receive a “Hero” status and get awarded with a budget of up to $200,000 towards the release of their first game, totaling $2 million funds for the initial launch of the SayHero program. Participants should fill out the form on before March 31 to be eligible for entry.

According to Anton Volnykh, the Head of Developer Relations at SayGames, the initial launch of the SayHero program is the first stage of what’s to come in 2021 for the publisher and its developer partners: “Every 6th game we test with our teams gets launched globally. With this hit rate, we are committed to expanding our set of tools and initiatives to help more developers around the world unlock their true potential.”

SayGames CEO, Yegor Vaikhanski, praised the type of partnerships SayGames builds with its developer partners: “We get involved very early in the process with all the games we launch and developers we work with, mainly from a product’s perspective leading to a very efficient marketing. We build long term relationships with all developers and avoid one‑hit wonders. SayHero is created for more developers to thrive with us.”

About SayGames

SayGames is a leading hyper‑casual games publisher with over 40 games launched and over 2 billion game downloads globally. Thanks to our advanced user acquisition and product analytics technologies, we are renowned for our high marketing performance. SayGames has offices in Minsk, Kyiv, Limassol, and Barcelona.

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